terça-feira, 12 de agosto de 2008

Devil in me

First he came into my direction. Then he looks at me in the eyes, and then he made a smile. He starts walking, I was nervous but beautiful. He touched my arm:
- Hello S! How are you?
He noticed that I was blushing, but I smiled and answered:
- Fine and you M?
We both smile, he said something I pretend not to understand. I start walking alone in the room; he was looking at me all the way. I said goodbye. Left the building and enter in my car. He was there, waiting for me:
- Where do you want to go S?
I blushed again. I left the car, start running into the park and try to hide behind a tree. I saw is shadow, I felt is perfume. It smells the same since we met. Rainforest, wood and flowers. It was a crazy smell. I was looking in every way and there he was sitting in a tree:
- Why are you running S? It’s just a conversation…
I start running again, behind of me always his shadow. Then I fall, he starts walking in my direction. He shows me his hand trying to help me. I put my hand in his hand and he tried to lift me up. Then he starts touching my hair, feeling my skin, licking my life. I was crazy in love. I surrender to his hands. He put me in the floor again, took my clothes off. Took his clothes off too. And he starts making love with me. His sex starts intoxicating my body; it was pleasure, pure pleasure in my veins. Far away I could hear a music box playing. He kiss me again, my lips were poison. Then I surrounded my heart whispering:
- Why we give up? Why surrender to temptation again? Why do I have to intoxicate your mind?
- It’s called love…
He left me there in the night, I start sleeping in the woods. He said:
- Nice to see you again S…
And then I died.

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